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Court Room Dress Code



It is ORDERED that all persons, whether lawyers, parties, witnesses, jurors, or spectators, conducting business, participating in trials, or otherwise attending proceedings in the courtroom of the Municipal Court of the City of Montgomery, Alabama, shall be dressed appropriately so as to maintain the dignity, integrity, decorum, seriousness and professional atmosphere of the Court and the administration of justice. 
The determination of appropriate dress shall rest with the judge presiding over a particular case. Appropriate dress shall:

(1) Mandate and require males to wear shirts tucked into pants
(2) Mandate and require males to wear pants around the waist 
(3) Mandate and require that any shorts worn be of a reasonable length 
(4) Prohibit females from wearing any clothes which reveal a bare midsection

It is further ORDERED that all attorneys are to instruct those individuals for whom they are responsible for bringing into court of the contents of this Order and that copies of this Order shall be posted in conspicuous places in the Municipal Court Complex of the City of Montgomery, Alabama.


1. Pagers or cell phones ringing or activated in the courtroom will be taken by Court Bailiff and returned to the owner at the conclusion of court.
2. Spectators shall remain silent in the courtroom.
3. Spectators may not sleep in the courtroom.
4. No food, drinks, chewing of gum or reading materials allowed in the courtroom.

Last updated: 8/4/2010 12:22:54 PM