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How to Submit a Complaint

Complaints and allegations of wrongdoing against City of Montgomery personnel are processed by the Office of City Investigations.

The Mayor has established the Office of City Investigations (CI) to investigate complaints and allegations of misconduct, and fairly and objectively present findings of fact for supervisory action or City resolution.

Therefore, CI is the single office structured to investigate complaints. Exception: If you wish to file a monetary claim against the City of Montgomery, contact the City Clerk’s office at (334)-241-2096 or select “City Clerk” under the “Departments” listing in the City of Montgomery web site at

How to File a Complaint
To make a complaint or allegation of misconduct you may:

Report the incident directly to a representative of the Office of City Investigations, City of Montgomery, Alabama, by telephone, mail, email at or in person.

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday
OFFICE PHONE: (334)-241-2490
OFFICE FAX: (334)-241-2420

To report an incident by mail or in person to the CI Department, the office address is: 300 Water Street, Suite 214, Montgomery, AL. 36104. Complainants will be required to fill out the CI standard complaint form. This form can also be obtained in person at the CI office.

NOTE: Unless you wish to remain anonymous, you must give enough information to identify yourself, including a telephone number where you can be reached and/or your email address.
Employees and citizens may complain anonymously. CI will accept verbal or written complaints from individuals who wish to remain anonymous. The CI Director and/or Investigating Officer will determine if sufficient information can be obtained to process the complaint. .

When City of Montgomery employee reports wrongdoing or registers a complaint to a supervisor, the supervisor may direct the employee to CI for resolution.

After your complaint is processed, you will be contacted by CI as soon as possible.

When to File a Complaint
If you have a complaint you believe is appropriate for CI resolution:

1. Determine: (1) you are unable to resolve your complaint using supervisory channels; and/or (2) you believe inappropriate conduct has occurred or a violation of law, policy, procedure, or regulation has been committed.

2. Complete the Complaint Form (Attachment).

3. Briefly outline the facts and relevant background information related to the issue or complaint.

4. Briefly list the allegations of wrongdoing in general terms and provide a supporting narrative, details and documents (if available) to be addressed later during an interview. Allegations should answer the following:

1. Who do you believe committed the alleged violation?
2. What law, regulation, procedure, or policy you believe was violated?
3. When did the alleged violation occur?

5. Submit the completed complaint form to CI and schedule a follow-on meeting with a CI investigator to discuss the complaint.

After The Complaint Is Filed:
The complaint will be examined for completeness, and CI will perform a complaint analysis to determine the proper course for the investigation. CI will attempt to complete the investigation within thirty (30) business days. When the investigation is complete, the Report of Investigation will be sent to the appropriate Department Head, Supervisor and/or the City Legal Department for follow-up disciplinary or legal action.

NOTE: During the investigation, all information will remain CONFIDENTIAL.

What are the outcomes of an investigation?
When a complaint is determined to be founded, discipline will be recommended according to the rules and regulations of the Montgomery City/Council Personnel Board. Reviews and disposition at that level can take from several days to a month or more depending on the supervisor’s recommended action.

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