J. Christopher Murphy

The Montgomery Department of Public Safety is the parent agency for all safety-related operations in the capital city. The department was formed in 2010 to streamline public safety services, increase efficiency, and better serve the public. DPS initially included Fire/Rescue, Police, and Emergency Communications; in 2012, it incorporated the City/County Emergency Management Agency, as well. Each agency is commanded by a chief or director whose work is coordinated through the leadership of DPS Director Christopher Murphy. The DPS consolidated concept strengthens all public safety services and furthers the city’s vision to sustain a safe, vibrant and growing Montgomery in its entirety that we all are proud to call “home."  The unified department’s seal, featured on this page, focuses on “Efficient, Effective, Professional Public Service.” These are goals that govern our work as Montgomery’s public servants. Within each agency, employees strive to uphold the highest of standards, as befits the state’s capital city. 


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